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FALL 2023


I am 'back in the booth' and recording , my 15th audiobook. This time, I step into the boots of a contemporary man named Jack who loves the Civil War. He rummages through his many books on the subject, more than ever now that his sons have grown and he is alone. Needing to beat his boredom and depression, he decides to go on a camping trip and through a twist of fate, Gettysburg becomes his destination. He is certain he will be able to find a truly great show piece to add to his meager collection of Civil War artifacts, but his enthusiasm turns to terror as his search for the perfect relic leads him to unexpected places where strange and awful events await him. I'm thoroughly enjoying bringing this exceptionally well-written book by Mark Pieper to life in a fully immersive experience for the listener. COMING FALL of 2023.

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